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QuantEcon is a nonprofit organization dedicated to development and documentation of open source computational tools for economics, econometrics, and decision making.

Working for QuantEcon

Natasha is a PhD candidate in Economics at the University of California. During her pre-doctoral fellowship at QuantEcon, Natasha assisted in running workshops on data analysis and econometrics in Python. She has contributed material to QuantEcon lectures, covering the Pandas and Statsmodels libraries, and maintains QuantEcon news and social media.


Research Assistant

Flint is a PhD student in Economics at Stanford University in 2022. His primary interest is in macro-finance and mathematical economics. Flint is working to understand theĀ nature of default and debt as amplification mechanisms in the macroeconomy. He is also a research assistant for QuantEcon and was Professor Stachurski's Honours student at the ANU.

FlintĀ O'Neil

Lead Developer

Zejin is a PhD student at the University of Arizona, working on Macro labor economics, understanding people's marital and labor supply decisions. He is a research assistant at QuantEcon and has helped construct lecture notebooks and Python modules.

Zejin Shi

Research Assistant